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Welcome to the
Durkeeville Historical Society
and Museum!

Since 1999, the Durkeeville Historical Society & Museum exists to preserve and spread the rich history of the historic Durkeeville neighborhood. 

Two decades later, we continue to honor the past, educate and uplift in the present, and protect Black History for generations to come.

Our exhibits show incredible historic memorabilia and artifacts from Durkeeville and the Greater Jacksonville area.

Museum Hours are on Saturdays, 12pm - 3pm. Reservations are Recommended. Please contact us if you'd like to schedule a weekday tour.

Explore & view Black history artifacts, photos, and memorabilia from the historic Durkeeville area and beyond! 

It's your turn to discover Durkeeville.
Enjoy a self-guided tour or join our docents. 

Discover Durkeeville Historical Society & Museum Today!
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