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Durkeeville Is many things...

Aerial View

"Durkeeville is a predominantly African-American suburb of Jacksonville, north and west of downtown."


"J. P. Small Ball Park is the long-time center of the community. The park was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in July, 2013."

Durkeeville Street

"Durkeeville is a pleasant and walkable neighborhood, with small neat houses and clean streets."

But the most Important part of Durkeeville is..


Buster Hair

Durkeeville Resident 1

Charles Skinner

Durkeeville Resident2

Ms. Bell

Lloyd Washington

Lloyd Washington, President of Durkeeville Historical Society

Durkeeville Resident4

Ms. Hillard


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Visitors to Date

Some of our Senior Members

Carolyn Williams (far left) and Gwendolyn Bell (far right in pink), have passed on. Deloris Sapp retired(polka dot shirt), Pricilla Williamson is still a active member(black hat).